Technological transformation, changing customer behaviour and global markets nowadays challenge all companies equally. We develop trendsetting corporate strategies, especially within the segments of media, private equity and industry, and accompany you through M&A processes.


There is hardly any business segment which over the last 10 years has been as affected by technological changes as the field of media. Through advancing digitalization, media enterprises do not only develop enormous potential but also great risk. We analyse, assess and develop forward-looking strategies for media companies, individual business divisions and media start-ups.

Private Equity

We support our clients with the selection, evaluation and structuring of mergers and acquisitions. Over the last decade, the partners at Richard Consulting have successfully accompanied numerous company transactions both on the sellers’ as well as on the buyers’ side.


Global competition, varying regional growth rates, new technologies, increased market transparency, and a continuously changing customer behaviour present new challenges to just about all industry sectors. Together with our clients, we develop strategies and solutions for a successful future, based on deep market analyses and industry insights.