What unites the partners of Richard Consulting, apart from their years of advising leading companies, is their specific market expertise, a quantitative approach and a high degree of acceptance by the organizations of our clients.


Sebastian Petrusch


„The Richard Consulting team provides deep industry knowledge and outstanding analytical skills with a group of people who do not fit the typical consultant stereotype“

Phone: +49 40 822 1705-29

Areas of Competence
Extensive experience in the Media Industry (print and online) with regard to strategy, market consolidation and transaction support/ negotiations.

Expertise in logistics and investment as well as divestment strategies for long term assets.

Sebastian Petrusch holds a Master of Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and the University of Hamburg.

Project Experience
Transaction support from exploratory discussions, evaluations and support with negotiations up to the conclusion of sales, as well as to the integration and restructuring following mergers.

Consolidation strategy for a declining industry with long term assets.
Strategy projects in the media industry, focusing on individual products or entire enterprises.


Matthias Schaeffer

Associate Director

„Richard Consulting encourages employees to take responsibility from their first day on, both internally as well as with projects for our clients“

Phone: +49 40 822 1705-15

Areas of Competence
Broad experience in the media industry, ranging from the development of corporate strategies, expansion into foreign markets, restructuring and profit optimization, to support for M&A processes and negotiations, including commercial due diligence.

Matthias Schaeffer holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technical University of Karlsruhe.

Project Experience
Development of business strategies for the media industry, for individual products or companies.

Development of growth strategies and appraisal of the market attractiveness for various industry players.

Support of M&A processes on the sellers’ side, in the form of evaluation, negotiation and due diligence support.


Joe C. Hartshorn

Associate Director

„Richard Consulting brings together a mix of highly talented individuals who as a team support their client in overtaking the competition everyday“


Phone: +49 40 822 1705-16

Areas of Competence
Experience in strategy development (e.g. optimisation of business models, digital strategies for publishers, sales strategies), corporate finance (for example commercial due diligence, valuation of companies) and restructuring of companies.

Joe Hartshorn holds a Bachelor in International Affairs from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland and a Master of International Relations from Bond University in Australia.

Project Experience
Analysing trends and disruptions (for example digitalisation) for specific products, organisations or industry sectors to develop strategic measure to capitalise on the development.

Transaction support on buy- and sell-side incl. public takeovers along the whole process from strategic fit, due diligence, valuation (incl. valuation of synergies) and support for negotiation and implementation.